coach-sarah-paulTwo of our coaches, Paul Myatt and Sarah Koen competed in the Dawny’s Cockatoo Challenge last weekend. This harbour swim starts at the Balmain Dawn Fraser Baths and heads over to Cockatoo Island where swimmers hug the island in an anti-clockwise direction then back across the harbour to the Baths centre.

What an amazing swim, the water temp was amazing and apart from a little argy-bargy at the start of the race conditions were perfect. Even the water was really clean and a testiment to the upkeep of the Sydney Harbour.

The other great thing about this swim is that it is the first swim of the NSW Fine Ocean Swimmers Series. The series has nine swims in it and you have to compete in 7 of the 9 to qualify for points and prizes.

Swims include: Bilgola, Gerringong, The Big Swim, Malabar, Bondi, Freshwater, Stanwell Park and the ever popular Coogee Wedding Cake Island challenge.

Prizes include trips to Vanuatu and Fiji as well as vouchers for buggy smugglers and NSW Master Swimming.  Being a handicap based system means there is an opportunity for just about anyone to win because it makes it possible for all ages and sexes to complete validly with each other. Look out for more info on the series in future blog posts.