Bondi to Bronte is amazing ocean swim and one that is popular on the ocean swimming calendar. The swim is approximately 2.4km. If you’re doing B2B then here’s a few suggestions for making your day a great one.

Firstly, might I suggest that you use public transport on the day, parking around the beaches is a nightmare. If you do decide to drive, I would suggest parking up the hill in Bronte and then walking to Bondi. This will also set you up for a great swim, because you’ll able to see the buoys and where they are positioned.

Registration is near Bondi Pavilion, once you registered take the time to warm up before the race. The forecast for Sunday is cloudy with the chance of thunderstorm and a high of 29 degrees. Even if it is cloudy remember to put on plenty of sunburn cream, because you can still get burnt.

Bondi to Bronte Course Map

The course usually starts a little south of Bondi Pavilion. Competitors then swim out from Bondi, around Mackenzie’s Point and then down the coast into Bronte Beach. The positioning of the buoys affects the length of the swim, it’s dependent on weather and surf conditions on the day.

All the buoys on the course are fluoro pink and there is usually a large fluoro pink banner hanging from the south headland of Bronte, to give swimmers a long distance guide or in cases of big swell. According to B2B last buoy will be fluoro green so all swimmer know once they pass that buoy to head into Bronte Beach.

Traditionally the finish is positioned at the north end of Bronte Beach in front of the Surf Life Saving Club. However having done this race many times, it is entirely dependent on conditions on the day. Once you sight the large finishing arch positioned on the beach, swim to the shore.

Some hints for your race:
Make sure you eat breakfast early but probably nothing too heavy. Salt water is quite dehydrating, so have an isotonic drink (like Gatorade – easy because it’s in most shops, avoid Powerade) before the race.

Always warm up before a race. As this is a longer swim, take the time to spend 10-15 mins in the water at around 20 minutes before your wave start.

Watch the waves prior to yours so you can see the movement of the water. Look out for rips – they’re going to be your best friend to take you out from Bondi. Rips are sometimes hard to see, but generally they will be the deeper darker water. Avoid going out in the wave zone – this is where water is move into shore, so it’s a great place to come into.

At the end of the race, look for white water to come into the beach. Sometimes its hard to see, as you’re tired and your goggles have fogged up. Take 10 seconds to clear your goggles so you can see the waves and you might end up saving yourself 30 seconds by hitching a ride on a wave into shore.

Remember this race is around 2.4km long, don’t swim off at one hundred miles per hour at the start. You’ll see a lot of people doing that ahead of you, but this is NOT the time to put on the speed. Just take it slow and steady, after you pass Mackenzie’s Point and can see Tamarama then you might like to put on a bit more speed. You should hit the gas when you pass the final green buoy, swimming into Bronte beach. Follow this race plan and you’re sure to pass lots of people in the second half of the race.

Have a great race! All the best from Paul Myatt, Head Coach Sydney Swimmers.