Learn How To Body Surf

Body surfing is more art than sport. Utilizing your balance and technique you ride waves, effortlessly gliding through the ocean. Addictive and fun, it’s easy to start it’s a great hobby. Each year thousands of surfers hit the Australian beaches which provide the best place to surf. Surfing competitions are held in Australia and it’s a hub for water sports.

The open water is not just fun and games as it can get dangerous. First of all you need to be a good swimmer so that even if you have to dive into water you can easily swim ashore. Other than that you need to learn how to ride a wave, how to angle your body so that the alignment is perfect and you can catch the waves rather than collide with them. Hence the safer option is to learn how to surf first rather than going in the open waters.

Swimming and surfing both cannot be self-taught. Most people learn it from their friends which seems beneficial at first but is harmful in the long run. The reason is that amateurs don’t understand the complexity of these sports or the danger which accompanies it. Professional coaches can not only teach you how to swim well but also how to swim safely. Similarly surfing has its hazards such as waves can have a lot of force which is hard to handle for amateurs. The reasons which many swimmers avoid professional coaching are: lack of awareness, lack of time, expense or hesitation. To cope with all these problems Coach Paul runs a one of a kind program with !

Ocean swimming lessons sydney

Teaming up with Coach Jake and Coach Sarah, Sydney swimmers runs a unique program which combines professional training with a fun and learning environment. Coach Jake is passionate about sports especially endurance sports and has a diverse background which includes different aspects such as biomechanics and sports psychology. This helps him approach swimming and surfing training with a holistic and broad minded approach taking into notice all the aspects. Coach Sarah is a swimming sensation who has expertise in swimming technique correction. She also trains to keep the best posture and body position which is integral in surfing. Coach Paul using his vast experience in teaching swimming helps beginners to learn swimming and helps experienced swimmers to better themselves.

The training program for body surfing starts with some basic trainings. These trainings are just to teach you about the method of body surfing and what is the method behind it. Then you will be taught how to position yourself and exercises to improve your techniques will be used to prepare for the open water. Before going into the ocean, your swimming will be checked and worked on so that the chances of accident will be minimal. Finally the advanced training will include the changes in body position to catch waves and necessary safety training.

Sydney swimmers offer easily accessible classes and open schedules for private and class teaching. With affordable rates they are easily in reach for most of us. Surfing once learnt can be a great way to pass the time and good exercise as well so join Sydney swimmers to start now.

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