Open Water Swimming Training

Swimming is one of the few past times which is as fun as it is helpful to our body. Specially in a country like Australia with beautiful beaches and countless pools, it’s hard not to fall in love with swimming. Swimming pools are a great way to learn and enjoy basic swimming but it may get repetitive to some. The more adventurous types seek change and excitement which a pool just cannot offer. Open water swimming changes swimming and converts it into a sport which lets you experience the thrill of nature. Open water swimming is swimming in an unconsolidated area such as the sea or ocean usually with a small group of swimmers. It lets you experience the marine environment as it is and creates new avenues to explore.


Open water swimming

Open water swimmingOpen water swimming isn’t something which can be started on a whim. The ocean can be dangerous as well as beautiful and proper training is necessary. Unfortunately there are only a few reputable places to learn to swim especially if you want to try open water swimming. Open water swimming is challenging to learn and even more challenging to teach. Only a handful of swimmers can effectively teach open water swimming and fortunately Sydney Swimmers has some experts in this field.


Sydney swimmers coaches

Sydney swimmers coach

Among the amazing coaches offered by Sydney swimmers are Paul, Jake and Sarah. Coach Paul has been a swimming instructor for many years and is an expert in helping you develop swimming skills. He has a great personality and a background in education which allows him to communicate effectively. Jake takes a holistic approach at teaching and combines physiology, science, psychology and biomechanics to train you. Jake is especially passionate about endurance sports and will get you in a competitive shape. Finally we have swimming sensation Sarah who helps in stroke correction and fix all the technical errors.


Flexible classes

Sydney swimmers have a flexible time table which will help you integrate swimming training in your daily life. For open water swimming aspirants first they will be trained to swim 1000 m continuously and then trained for the open waters. Each training is conducted safely and with necessary precautions. Problems in swimming techniques are also identified and corrected to help you perfect your technique along with your stamina.

Open water swimming is a great hobby to pursue alone or with your family and friends. Offering a fun way to spend time together and exercise at the same time it rejuvenates you. Moreover swimming is an exercise which focuses on your whole body and is great for every age group. So Sydney swimmers is a great first step to start swimming in the beautiful ocean and be one with nature.



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