Private swimming lessons

Swimming is not only a fun sport, it is an essential skill which should be common knowledge. Unfortunately too many people don’t know how to swim and are at risk. Swimming is something we mostly learn as children but unfortunately those who don’t get hesitant to learn or even attempt to learn to swim as they become adults. This brings in a fear of water and puts them at risk in many situations. The fact is that no matter what your age is you must know how to swim and with time this fear will turn into a hobby.

Most swimming lessons are given in classes and may repel those who are shy or hesitant to learn in front of others. The private tutors are either expensive or have no time to really teach you to swim. Sydney swimmers have brought a unique model of coaching offering affordable private tutoring with some of the best instructors out there.

Swimming courses sydney


The swimming lessons offered will start by assessing your level and then creating a plan best suited to your needs and aims. The beginners will learn how to manage themselves in water, focusing specially on safety. As they gradually develop superior skills they will be challenged and pushed so that they can perform well in all circumstances. Sometimes amateurs who just take swimming for fun may develop it into a passion and then start taking parts in swimming contests or even open water swimming.

The coaches have flexible timings so that you can choose the time best suited to your needs and ease. The timings can be adjusted and the coaches will give you one on one attention during the allotted time. This will help you achieve your targets faster than before as you are constantly under surveillance and your each mistake will be promptly corrected before it turns into a habit.

Head coach Paul is a competent coach and an excellent teacher. With a teaching background he delivers his knowledge in the right way and helps you learn without feeling stressed. Coach Jake has a versatile resume with background in sports psychology, endurance sports and biomechanics. Techniques can be mastered by Swimming sensation Coach Sarah who takes care of your swimming style and swimming strokes perfecting your style and increasing skills.

So if you are just vaguely interested or want to improve your swimming techniques and need guidance private lessons by Sydney swimmers is the way to go.

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