Video Clinic

Video & Stroke Correction Clinic

Please read and consider carefully before booking this session.


Before registering for a Video & Stroke Correction Clinic please read the notes below to ensure this is the correct session for you.

  1. Are you able to swim two lengths of a 50m pool without stopping and have you done this recently?  As we will video you at the start of the session, please ensure you’re able to swim two lengths of the pool so this video can be completed.
  2. What is your swimming goal? Ocean swim, triathlon, or faster pool swimming?
  3. Flippers will make the session much more enjoyable and effective for you, do you have flippers? If not, are you prepared to borrow or purchase some? Would you like us to send you information on the flippers you should get?
  4. The session starts with an “above the water” video. This is done in the first 5 -10 minutes so that the coach is able to provide constructive and appropriate feedback and drills to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the clinic. As this is a group session with a maximum of five participants if you are late you may not be videoed.
  5. You should bring goggles, a swimming cap, two towels (one to have poolside), flippers and any other swimming equipment that you have. If you have long hair you will be required to wear a swimming cap.
  6. Men should wear speedo or skins type swimmers. Please do not wear boardies or loose shorts. Women should wear either one piece or two piece swimmers. Generally you will not need a rashie – these make swimming improvement much harder and are not recommended.


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