wetties-the-sydney-skinnySydney has some of the finest beaches in the world. Often though, you don’t hear about those little tucked away ones in the harbour. One has definitely made a splash on breakfast television, Cobblers Beach. This little beach is in the national park at middle heads. Cobblers beach is one of the official nudist beaches in Sydney, the others being Lady Jane Beach in Watson’s Bay and Obelisk on the other side of middle head to Cobbers.

Cobblers is the home of Sydney’s only official nude swim, The Sydney Skinny. Over 700 people swam last year in the event’s second year. In 2015 the Skinny will be held on Sunday 1 March. There are 13 waves in the swim, although none of them are competitive. If you do find yourself in the first two waves be prepared to have a camera in your face or your…. as they are the media waves.

Coach Paul has completed in this swim each year since its inauguration in 2013. “both years I’ve done the swim have been awesome days – just really friendly and lovely. There’s certainly nothing lewd or ingenuous about this swim,” said Paul. The swim has a limited number of entries – so if you want to get back to nature on a beautiful morning in Sydney, try The Sydney Skinny, definitely a great morning out for all discerning ocean swim devotees.

Coach Paul is a member of Wett Ones AUSSI Masters Swimming Team. The team made a morning of it – lot’s of fun was had by all!