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Sports have always pushed the limits of the human body. Ever since sports have been played we have pushed to reach greater heights, run faster, jump higher or be the best in any discipline. Sports create the fire, enthusiasm needed to motivate yourself and creates a strong character. Endurance sports push this genre even further with combining sports to create a grueling series of events which not only tests but pushes you beyond the apparent physical abilities. These events test the mettle of even the most hardened athletes and are regarded as toughest to complete let alone compete. Yet humans have always gone for the impossible and achieved them. Similarly endurance sports are competed by thousands of athletes worldwide who show not only remarkable physical abilities but also mental strength.

Triathlons combine running, cycling and swimming to form an event which tests your skills and stamina. Triathlons are conducted all over the world, they are especially popular in Australia which has great beaches, roads and places ideal for such events. Now these events may sound impossible but every year hundreds of contestants compete for the first time. With proper training and guidance these triathlons can be completed and be competed in. offer the best coaching services for endurance sports such as triathlons.

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Now the most important thing is safety while running these long triathlons. Running and cycling are somewhat manageable but swimming can be a problem if you have a problem in your technique. These problems in your swimming strokes don’t emerge in normal swims but they appear during long swims which are really taxing on your body. Sydney swimmer coaches focus on your technique perfecting your stroke style and technique so that there isn’t any problem of injury in the race. Similarly while in the triathlon you will be required to swim when you are already out of breath. This needs specific breathing practice which will help you to manage the race. These problems and similar mistakes which are commonly committed in triathlons are rectified in Sydney swimmers program. Our coaches have prepared a comprehensive program which incorporates safety and exercises to improve your time and stamina so that the triathlon doesn’t seem that daunting.

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Head Coach Paul has years of experience in teaching swimming and has created the best multi-dimensional team which has a diverse background. Coach Sarah is a swimming sensation who helps you with your swimming techniques. She observes your style and gives you tips which would let you safely complete your triathlon with good time. Finally Coach Jake has a passion for endurance sports and focuses on holistic training. His knowledge includes sports psychology and biomechanics which combined with his coaching experience makes him the best in training students for triathlons.

Events such as triathlons shouldn’t be taken for granted as they can cause injuries as well. To avoid that, Sydney swimmers first provide basic training and test you to see if you are ready to take on triathlons. Similarly the complete approach taken by Sydney swimmers have safety as their primary concern which helps them get you in shape and motivated to take part and excel in triathlons.


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