Triathlon Training Sydney

Triathlons are series of endurance sports combined into one and usually include an event which has consecutive running, cycling and swimming to reach one point in the fastest time. Triathlons are tests of endurance which can only be competed if you are in the best physical shape possible. You need to perfect your technique, your stamina, your speed and strength to even compete in such a mega event. It tests the limits of your physical abilities and challenges you to go beyond it. There are many individuals who train professionally and in some cases train all year to compete in one event. Australia is home to many such triathlons each year and many Australians compete in them enthusiastically. Each year new athletes join, some amateur some professional to enter these events but unfortunately most cant even complete them. The reason is lack of training and lack of coaching which leads to discouraging results.

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The technical aspect of triathlons is one thing which cannot be undermined yet is ignores. In all three events if you are not technically sound this race can be harmful to the contestant. Injuries are common place and these injuries can sometimes last a lifetime. So to avoid such consequences you need to work hard and work smart. Coaching is difficult and finding a good coach with affordable rates is a task in itself. Recognizing the lack of such institutions for coaching and training Head Coach Paul has got together a dynamic team of coaches to train amateur and professional athletes for triathlons. His training program focuses on creating an environment conducive for learning and dividing students into various groups according to their skill level.

The beginners are first given the task to perfect their swimming technique and increase their stamina. As most triathlons are open water swims, they are specifically given the task to be ready to complete 1000m continuous swims. Without overcoming this milestone they are not allowed to start practice in the open waters. This helps beginners develop confidence and understand their limitations. Once they are ready to take on the ocean, they are taught in either groups or one on one. Both classes have their merits and demerits but private coaching is better in the long run. Each student is given attention and focus is on improving their stroke techniques and helping them be competent swimmers. When they show signs of handling themselves, they are taught the techniques which will help them in triathlons, kicks, strokes, styles and techniques are monitored. Swimming while out of breath is also practiced as most of the time swimmers are exhausted at the final stages of the triathlons and their stamina is increased.

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The coaches include head coach Paul, coach Jake and coach Sarah. Paul is an experienced swimmer who has trained many beginners as well as experienced swimmers. Jake specializes in endurance sports and his background of sports psychology, biomechanics really helps in a holistic approach to help trainings. Coach Sarah is a swimming prodigy and improves your technique and balance. Offering a flexible time table and expert coaching, Sydney swimmers is the place to start if you are a beginner wondering about triathlons or an expert who wishes to excel in them.

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