Swimming is often the weakest leg for many triathletes. Having a good swim won’t win your race, but it will certainly set you up for a good race. Coming out of the water in a triathlon feeling good means you can put some serious effort into the bike and run.  Our coaches have improved the swim of many a triathlete.

Swimming is one of the few exercises which does not focus on one specific area but instead uses and builds muscle in the entire body. It focuses on strength and endurance simultaneously thus focusing on your overall fitness. This is why it is recommended for both losing weight and gaining muscles. Swimming is often rigorously done by athletes in their injury period as it helps keep them fit without putting undue stress on any one part of the body.

Swimming isn’t something which you can just learn through books or videos. It’s a sport which can be dangerous especially for amateurs. That’s why proper training is needed before getting into the water to swim longer distance, especially in the ocean.


swimming Stroke correction sydney

Sydney swimmers provide a variety of specialties and a range of dynamic professionals who promote a holistic approach in teaching swimming. Sydney swimmer coaches have the experience of teaching basic swimmingstroke correction, increasing endurance, speed and competitive triathlon training along with other endurance sports.

Coach Paul is the head coach who has been teaching swimming for years. His innovative amalgam of teaching and coaching helps instill confidence in swimmers and his teaching experience and background helps in communicating his ideas effectively.

Swimming training sydney

Sydney swimmers focus on improving your time through correcting swimming stylestrokes and breathing. They help change your style for the better and train you to keep improving your skill. With an open schedule and flexible timing, it’s the best place to get started.

Sydney Swimmers provides the swimming squads and coaching for all levels of Triathlon swimming. Swim options include: regular pool sessions, stroke improvement & correction as well as learn to swim and swim clinics and camps.

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