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Playing sport is all about getting into your physicality and pushing the limits of your body. Throughout history athletes have endeavored to reach greater heights, run faster, jump higher, swim faster and longer, to be the best in their chosen discipline. Whether you’re competing against another or yourself, you need to create a fire of enthusiasm to keep motivated. Endurance sports push this genre even further, through a grueling series of events which not only tests but pushes you beyond the apparent physical abilities. These events not only test your physical abilities but also the mettle of even the most hardened athlete.

Humans have always gone for the impossible and achieved. Similarly, endurance sports are competed by thousands of athletes worldwide who show not only remarkable physical abilities but also mental strength. Swimming is one such sport, with open water swimming one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

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Founded in 2014 by Paul Myatt, Sydney Swimmers is an organisation focusing on bridging the gap between the pool and open water for competitive and recreational swimmers. Our experienced coaches have set programs to help both beginners and advanced athletes progress and challenge themselves. Offering a variety of training programs with mixed focuses on speed, endurance and technique, we can ensure a balanced weekly training schedule. The sessions offered have flexible and affordable pricing options, so that everyone can benefit from them and enjoy swimming at a greater pace with improved efficiency.

After 12 months Paul handed the reigns of Sydney Swimmers over to Kari Baynes maintaining his role as Head Coach. The following 12 months saw the business expand to Drummoyne Swimming Centre and take on an additional 2 coaches, Judy Cameron and Barton McPherson. Now in its third year, Sydney Swimmers is growing in size, offering more opportunities for swimmers to improve their performance, while maintaining our philosophy of “everyone is welcome at Sydney Swimmers”.


Coach Bart

Coach Bart

Coach Bart has an extensive background in the sport. He is an accredited ACSTA Bronze license swim coach, as well as an ACSTA Teacher of Competitive Strokes. He not only coaches for Sydney Swimmers but has also coached for the CanToo Foundation. 

Amongst his many achievements, he has come in the Top 10 in Australian Age Championships for 1500m and 3000m in 2005/ 2004 – 2008, as well as Top 10 in the Open Ironman NSW Long-course Surf Lifesaving Championships in 2011.

He was awarded the NSW Institute of Sport Emerging Athlete for 2005 – 2008. He worked as an engineer until recently, when he decided to follow his other passion and is currently studying medicine.

Coach Charm

Coach Charm

Coach Charm grew up in country NSW. As with many Australians, she swam in her younger life and then took a break focusing on other aspects of her life. She returned to the water, swimming with the North Sydney Masters clubs where she was enticed into her first ocean swim, the Palm Beach to Whale and then she was hooked!

As a former master swimmer and a passionate ocean swimmer, she has the unique ability to understand techniques for both competitive pool swimming and open water requirements. Charm has completed many solo events including Rottnest, Lake Argyle, Bridge to Manly, Bondi to Watson’s Bay, Cole Classic, Maui Channel and the Waikiki Roughwater challenge!

Charm has been coaching for over 25 years and holds the ASCTA Bronze Licence, is a Masters Coach and a qualified Open Water Coach. She has helped many swimmers succeed in landmark, iconic marathon swims.  Assisting over 30 swimmers to prepare for the English Channel, Manhattan Island, Cook Strait, North Channel, Molokai to name a few, through effective programming. She has crewed and supported for much more. She also developed the original Cold Water Camp in Melbourne.

Currently coaching for the North Sydney Masters Club on weekends, Charm loves seeing swimmers achieve their goal whether it’s learning to swim, swimming the channel, or as a form of rehabilitation. Swimming is where it’s at for Charm!

Coach Paul

Coach Paul

Coach Paul Myatt has been a swimming instructor & teacher for many years. His background is in education so assisting you in developing your swimming skills is one of his passion. He has taught hundreds of adults to swim so they can become confident and competent in the ocean, surf or pool. 

Paul is known for his gentle and caring personality but he makes all his athletes put in the work. He’s coached everyone from beginner to world champion. He is not only a holder of a ACSTA Bronze Licence, but is also an accredited Triathlon coach, coaching teams for CanToo and other groups.

Paul has significant experience, he runs our Video & Stroke Clinics at Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, these are highly sought after and require bookings in advance.

Coach Christina

Coach Christina has been involved in competitive swimming since the age of 11 moving through age group squads to varsity swimming in university and on into Masters Swimming post-university. Upon moving to Australia in 2007, Christina also gave ocean swimming a go and has participated in >100 ocean swims since that first try.

With years of swimming experience, a few years as a lifeguard (in Canada) and a surf lifesaver in Australia, Christina only decided to become a coach more recently due to a shortage of coaches for adult swimmers. Christina is on a path of many professions. After practicing as a physiotherapist for 5 years, she went on to work in the corporate world in both Canada and Australia. More recently, she has become a yoga teacher and now balances her time between swim coaching, yoga, and part- time office work.

Christina’s coaching style has been developed and shaped based on her experience of more than 12 swim coaches over more than 35 years of swimming from childhood to adult. Christina holds an ASCTA-recognised Club Coach certificate (Masters Swim Coach / Adult Swim Coach) and currently coaches part-time for the North Sydney Masters Swim Club.

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