Great Sydney Series Swim

Australia Day Swim in the Harbour

What is an Australia Day without a Harbour Swim to celebrate our great day! The Great Sydney Swim is part of the Great Australian Swim Series which goes around Australia, hosting events in some of the major open water attractions around the country. Monday 26 January will see many Sydney Swimmers taking the plunge into the harbour right next to the Opera House.

Some people say there’s nothing to see while ocean swimming other than a couple of fish and the occasional stingray, however whilst you might not see much under the water during this swim, you’ve certainly got an amazing view when you take a breath. Featuring the Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Botanical Gardens are quite spectacular to look at.

I’ve done this swim a number of times and I know that it is always a great event and they really support a great charity, The Black Dog institute. There four swim options, so the whole family can be involved. There’s a 300m Junior Kids swim, the Ky Hurst 750m Swim, the 2km and of course for all those really really good swimmers, an Elite 2km.

You can book your swim here.

Preparing for an Ocean Swim

Remember training for any event is important. This harbour swim is a great option for beginners ocean swimmers. There’s no waves and water safety is amazing at this event.

As a swimming an triathlon coach, I always say: Pool squad training is the best way to improve your ocean swimming. It is virtually impossible to improve your stroke technique in the ocean. Stroke correction is always best done slowly, in the pool.

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