Last weekend I had the opportunity to do my first run with run coach,  Jake Brindle.

IMG_3539This first pic,  Jake calls the “monster walk” or “Russian March” it awakens the hamstring/glute junction. Your core needs to be engaged for this. Hold arms out, engage quad, lift leg straight up. (But do not try for a full “high lift” ) upon return squeeze butt cheeks as foot contacts the ground in a paw back motion.  Ok so Jake tole me that my foot should be more straight in the pic and not flared. I promise to do better next time Jake!

IMG_3542The second pic  be called “high knee lift”. It also engages the hamstring/glute region but at the same time activates the calf region as well as providing stimulus for the propioception system (balance) . this pic is before we  got up on out toes which is important.

Jake told me, to complete this, as you are slowly walking, you grab the leg at just below the knee and pull with both hands towards you. Then as you are doing that stand up on the tip toes with the opposite leg. 

IMG_3544Pic three is “step backs” this drill is to activate and engage the soleus and gastroc region where it joins the achilles. Jake tells me this is very important for good running! 

To perform these, simply step BACK (not forward) and lightly push the heel into the ground. It is important that the foot going back REMAIN STRAIGHT. This will ensure proper activation.

I’ve done a few marathons, but I’m looking forward to Jake’s training to help me make my marathon times even faster!

Jake is the run coach for TS Multisport. I’m very excited to be working with Jake – his knowledge it amazing and he’s helped so many age group athletes in their quest for improved performance.

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