Tests your skills and stamina.

Sydney is the home of ocean swimming – with so many fantastic beaches around the city. Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for ocean swims!

Open water ocean swimming started as an extreme challenge testing the limits of human endurance with swimmers aiming to swim the longest. It was added as an endurance sport and is still regarded as one of the toughest endurance sports today! Open water swimming is not only for enthusiasts and competitors, it offers opportunities and adventures, with competitions all over Australia and the world for various capabilities and distances. Ocean swimming has been our focus from the beginning; we are able to progress you through different training levels. As you advance with stroke correction and endurance training, you will develop into a competent and competitive swimmer.

Ocean swimming isn’t something you can just start on the go; no matter your ability. Being able to swim kilometres in the pool may not translate to the same distance in open water. The ocean is an environment of its own with no constraints or built in safety measures. You need to be smart and effective swimmer if you want to excel in these conditions. The safest way to learn and be ready for the ocean swim season is joining the home of open water swimming; Sydney Swimmers. Our coaches come from different backgrounds but each has a love of the sea.


Swimming ‘groups’ can have such a tunnel-vision approach focusing on one particular aspect of the sport. Sydney Swimmers combines diverse programs and training styles providing a holistic approach to the physical and mental aspect of open water swimming. Technique isn’t learned in the ocean, technique is a result of consistent training in an environment that allows you to do so; the pool. Not only do we give you the skills to enter into these events, our coaches and team are ocean swimmers, too! You will be taught by people who still compete. We offer a flexible timetable to help you integrate swim training into your daily routine, offering memberships or flexible visit multipasses.


Improved performance through Increased efficiency



Friendly and welcoming environment


Ocean Swims

Technique is made by consistent practice and the commitment to develop your stroke. The open water landscape is an environment which can be unpredictable, changing at times very quickly with no built in safety measure. It is crucial you prepare in the environment you will be competing in. Sydney Swimmers run periodic ocean swims for our members to implement their training, and develop enough confidence to compete. Whether to perfect your performance, or for those who just enjoy swimming in the ocean with a group, Sydney Swimmers caters for all.

Training for an open water event? Join our Open Water Training at Balmoral Beach on Saturday at 9:00am


Train in an event like environment


Less than 20 swimmers

Video & Stroke Correction Clinics

Our Video & Stroke Correction Clinics are the most in-depth, technique focused swim classes available. Run by Head Coach Paul, you will be filmed above and below the water, your technique will be analysed and provided with training drills to improve your stroke. By the end of the first session, you will have completed sets to help you integrate your new technique into your swim style. These are not one-off programs; our team will tailor a 1 to 5 session program over 16 weeks for you to practice in your own time in order to get the most of your clinics. We also recommend coupling this with Squads.


Improve stroke count



Improve efficiency



You choose. We develop.

Private Session

Sydney Swimmers offer customised programs for individuals and groups. Have a goal or event you are training for but don’t want to train with a group? No problem; we will develop a mixture of one on one. Private sessions with a coach with optional private Video & Stroke Correction sessions. You pick the time, you pick the place; we will get you to where you want to be.

Event Centric Training

Training with a group of friends or colleagues has many positives that don’t always appear when training in a squad or club; training with people you know increases motivation and enjoyment whilst giving you the ability to exercise & train in an environment that suits you. Have a group of friends or colleagues that you want to train with?

We offer tailored swim programs for groups of 10 or more, meaning you get a program developed specifically for your groups’; goals, budget, skills, and location.

No worries, gather your friends, pick a time and place, and location to join one of our programs but the times don’t suit you? We will organise a session of your choosing to be run at a time that suits you and your crew!

Visit our Event Centric Training page for more information.

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