One of Western Australia’s iconic events, the Rottnest Channel Swim is an almost 20 km swim where you have the opportunity to compete solo or as a team. It’s held on February each year and its where swimmers from all over Australia compete. The swimmers include professionals and amateurs who train themselves for the competition. This competition tests your swimming prowess and endurance. Most swimmers who aren’t professionals have a hard time even completing it. Open water swimming on its own is challenging enough and with such distances it becomes harder to handle.

Training is integral for swimming the Rottnest Channel. The training needs to begin months before especially for amateurs and it needs to cover the basics and advanced techniques needed to build up your swimming techniques and endurance. Such events are taxing to the mind and the body and if you compete unprepared instead of enjoying yourself you may get injured. So proper guidance is necessary and instead of self-help which can leave you vulnerable to injuries. are one of the top institutions which provide training for swimming the Rottnest channel with top coaches and flexible timings.

The head coach of Sydney swimmers is Coach Paul who has extensive experience in teaching swimming and training students for marathon swims. His easy going style helps communicate effectively and his vast experience of teaching swimming makes him an effective coach. Coach Jake has a passion for endurance sports and has a multi-dimensional approach to training. His background includes sports psychology, biomechanics and other such diverse fields which helps you get ready for the mental and physical challenges of the Rottnest Channel swim. Swimming sensation Coach Sarah helps in improving technique and helps you rectify your swim strokes and techniques which helps you endure through rough waters in ocean swimming.

stroke correction swimming

The training program of Sydney swimmers has a holistic approach and prepares all the aspects for the Rottnest channel swim. First the endurance is improved by exercises to help your body handle the extremities and work needed to complete the almost 20 km swim. The swimming drills improve your kick and strokes to maintain a good body position in swimming. Sydney swimmer coaches help you understand which swimming strokes can be used in various conditions so that you can plan the event carefully. Sprints and hypoxic trainings help you to maintain your energy and pump yourself to go that extra mile. It’s important to practice swimming when you are tired and this hypoxic training helps you complete the intense swim.

Coaching is available in groups and in private so that you can train according to your skill level and requirements. Sydney swimmers provide an open schedule which you can incorporate in your work and easily manage both trainings and daily life.

Rottnest Swim is a challenge for both amateur and professional swimmers, so training is necessary. With Sydney swimmers preparation will be done under professional coaches which will ensure your safety and push you to the limits.

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