Swimming has always been one of the key exercises which is recommended for everyone regardless of age, gender or physical ability. In fact as it does not focus or stress any specific body area, it is ideal for strengthening your body with minimal chances of injuries. This is why athletes focus on swimming during their rest or injury periods to maintain fitness and physique. Focusing on all areas of the body swimming adds muscle mass along with toning your shape so it’s a great way to reduce weight and look good at the same time. Increased stamina, endurance obtained by swimming regularly is another one of the limitless benefits you avail during swimming making it the perfect exercise
Competitive Swimmers

Open water swimming

Nature enthusiasts and longtime swimmers are now shifting towards open water swimming. Open water swimming opens new ventures and takes the sport which was confined in swimming pools to the open sea. Now the important thing to remember is you need to be a competent swimmer to even attempt it (Officially you need to be able to swim 1000m continuously) for safety, but once you experience it pool swimming seems restricted and boring. Open water swimming connects you with nature directly and gives you a taste of the open sea while presenting new challenges. Within an uncontrolled environment you need to be ready for anything and that’s where true technique comes.

Swimming techniques

Swimming techniques are basic and known by everyone. In fact most of us learn swimming by our parents or friends and just by playing by the pool in our childhood. This is fine when you are taking on a shallow pool with a life guard few feet away, but once you enter the free ocean you need to be a refined swimmer. This is where Sydney Swimmers comes, Refining your techniques and giving you the best coaching in easy to attend, affordable lessons.
Stroke Correction

Swimming stroke correction

Stroke correction need more than just a keen eye. It needs a coach who has the ability to convey their message to you, the necessary education and experience. Sydney swimmers coaches are capable and excellent in all three fields. Head coach Paul has a mixture of swimming training experience and a background in education which makes him an excellent communicator, Coach Jake encompasses a variety of scientific knowledge and has a passion in endurance sports, and finally Superfish coach Sarah who is a swimming sensation on her own.

Offering a spread time table and classes, Sydney swimmers are perfect for beginners and professionals who aim to increase their performance with various level classes and on spot coaching. So join now to experience the thrills of swimming.