Great Swim CoachHonesty, passion for what they do, a good listener, inspirational and respectful are just the beginnings of a good swimming coach.

Coaching swimming (and triathlons) is both art and science. Finding the potential in an athlete and being able to help them develop and improve their skills and ability is what makes coaching exciting.

The many hats of a coach include being a teacher, psychologist, motivator as well as needing a reasonable knowledge of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

Athletes come in many shapes and sizes. Understanding how to cater for the individual needs of each athlete is vital.  Helping an athlete develop to his/her potential requires careful understanding of the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

Swimming is always a challenging sport because it requires a lot of technique. While technique based sports (some others are skiing, surfing, ice skating) are easier to learn as a child, anyone can learn anything if they put their mind to it.

A great swim coach will always make you perform drills slowly. Slow training is the best way to improve technique in the pool. After all if you can’t do it slowly, how are you ever going to do it going fast? Being mindful and concentrating on what you’re doing during stroke correction will help your brain remember and create muscle memory.  When doing stroke correction our coaches will be looking to help you improve your swimming technique.

Our coaches regularly put themselves in new learning situations, so they can improve their skills. As a coach its always good to remember what it’s like to be a student. Good coaches value education.

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