Tests your skills and stamina.

Triathlons combine running, cycling, and swimming to form an event which tests your skills and stamina. Triathletes compete all over the world and are especially popular in Australia, given our coastal areas, and overall geography, which lend themselves to these events. Often sounding impossible to many, triathlons attract hundreds of new contestants every year.

Sydney Swimmers offers the best coaching services for endurance sports such as triathlons. For most triathletes, swimming is the weakest leg with many mastering running and cycling early on. Problems in your swimming strokes may not emerge in normal lap swimming in a pool, but once distance, open water conditions, and a competitive environment are added to the mix, help is often required.

Our coaches focus on a holistic approach to perfect your stroke and technique to enhance your performance and reduce the chance
of injury during an event. Two of our coaches hold accreditations as Triathlon Coaches and can provide tips on how to be more
successful in the overall event.


Triathletes often find that their regular fitness is well above standard but are let down by their ‘swim fitness’. Swim fitness draws upon different muscle groups often not used by other forms of exercise. This can be challenging initially, however with assistance of our programs built on strengthening endurance and under the guidance of our coaches, Sydney Swimmers squads will prepare the competitive and goal focused athlete for their triathlon event.
There are a number of benefits to improving your efficiency in
the pool:


Don't swim harder, swim smarter!


Improved heart rate whilst swimming

Ocean Swims

Most Triathlons’ swimming segment occurs in open water. This means the best way to put all your efforts into practice is in the same environment. Sydney Swimmers run periodic ocean swims to allow you to implement all you’ve learned in the pool, with coaching staff on hand to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. The combination of in pool and open water training will hone your technique and stamina while adapting to what can be unpredictable conditions. Our swims require participants to be able to swim a minimum of 1.5km. During these swims, there will be entry and exit tips, rip identification to help you get out there quicker, and adapt to surf conditions.

Training for an open water event? Join our Open Water Training at Balmoral Beach on Saturday at 9:00am


Practise in event conditions


Swim in with a team who value safety first

Video & Stroke Correction Clinics

Our Video & Stroke Correction Clinics are the most in-depth, technique focused swim classes available. Run by Head Coach Paul, you will be filmed above and below the water, your technique will be analysed and provided with training drills to improve your stroke. By the end of the first session, you will have completed sets to help you integrate your new technique into your swim style. These are not one-off programs; our team will tailor a 1 to 5 session program over 16 weeks for you to practice in your own time in order to get the most of your clinics. We also recommend coupling this with Squads.


Improve stroke count


Improve efficiency


You choose. We develop.

Private Session

Sydney Swimmers offer customised programs for individuals and groups. Have a goal or event you are training for but don’t want to train with a group? No problem; we will develop a mixture of one on one. Private sessions with a coach with optional private Video & Stroke Correction sessions. You pick the time, you pick the place; we will get you to where you want to be.

Event Centric Training

Training with a group of friends or colleagues has many positives that don’t always appear when training in a squad or club; training with people you know increases motivation and enjoyment whilst giving you the ability to exercise & train in an environment that suits you. Have a group of friends or colleagues that you want to train with?

We offer tailored swim programs for groups of 10 or more, meaning you get a program developed specifically for your groups’; goals, budget, skills, and location.

No worries, gather your friends, pick a time and place, and location to join one of our programs but the times don’t suit you? We will organise a session of your choosing to be run at a time that suits you and your crew!

Visit our Event Centric Training page for more information.

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